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Actidad is a media production company that creates content designed to inspire, entertain, and educate fathers.


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Interviews with experts, professional athletes, doctors, creators, and leaders. We discuss best practices and issues impacting modern day fatherhood.  

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Love the page, videos, content, attitude, movement, and everything about it! 10/10


Being a dad is hard and I'm glad this page is here to celebrate all that we do.

Chris S.

A great podcast for dads and moms, the stigma between dads in society is all to real and Actidad's mission is something that needs to become the normal in today's society!  I highly suggest it!

M. Turtenbach

Community of like minded dads supporting each other.

Kris S.

I am so thankful for the men on this forum. The encouragement, positive posts and transparency of the members continually builds up others. Actidad is a huge blessing to me and I look forward to updates daily.

Aaron P.

Actidad is a great group, I definitely recommend it!

Fernando S.

Actidad is such a positive place for dads to build each other up and showcase what we're most proud of. Can't wait for more podcasts to come!