About Actidad

Fatherhood is hard. We have many responsibilities and the pressure to perform is high. How do we know we’re making the right choices? How do we know the best way to raise a child? How do we navigate relationships? How do we provide stability while being present?

As a young father, I didn’t feel like there was a brand for me. I found thousands of resources for moms, plenty of dad joke pages, but very few resources to help me be an awesome dad. I decided to make a difference.

Actidad is for dads that want to play an active role in parenting. I never liked the term “parenting expert”. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a father. 

Actidad is an exploration of modern fatherhood. It’s an open discussion about the issues we face. It’s about considering the options, tools, and tactics of others and finding ways to apply these concepts to your own life. This is achieved through tons of content catered specifically to you.


  • Social Media: Facebook, InstagramTwitterLinked-In, TikTok: daily dose of motivation
  • Podcast: The Actidad audio experience is an exploration of modern day fatherhood. Listen to leaders, creators, professional athletes, doctors and more.
  • YouTube: The Actidad video experience is designed to help you achieve more fulfillment in fatherhood.
  • Community: The Actidad family will empower, support, and celebrate your journey through dadlife.

Actidad has made a huge impact on my life. The relationships I’m building, the discussions I’m having, the community that’s growing… I’m a better version of myself. I believe you can become that best version as well.

Welcome to Actidad!

-Mark Savant